Which Computer Forensic Certification is Right For Me?

There are some of computer forensics certifications that one ought to pick to undertaking including the Encase licensed Examiner (EnCE), AccessData licensed Examiner (ACE), certified computer Examiner (CCE), GIAC certified Forensics Analyst (GCFA) and authorized computer Forensic Examiner (CFCE) to call a few.How then, does one choose the right certification to pursue? at the same time as all of the certifications indexed above are valuable, i would suggest pursuing one that includes a sensible examination and one wherein you may use the tools with that you are most acquainted. for example, it’s far going to be difficult in order to pass the ACE if the only forensic application which you’ve used is EnCase organization.If you are attempting to reap a certification in order to interrupt into the laptop forensics field, i’d advise searching the task forums for pc forensics positions to peer the utilities that they may be most usually list as required competencies. about.com gives a good review of most of the laptop forensics certifications so i am no longer going to enter the nitty gritty of each certification. in case you are interested in reviewing their coverage, go to about.com and search for “computer forensic certifications.”name me biased, however i’m personally keen on the EnCE certification. EnCase is a general of the enterprise and found in maximum, if not all, laptop forensics shops. So having the EnCE certification demonstrates to employers that you have mastered the tools that they use of their forensic labs.similarly, passing the EnCE practical become a prime confidence booster for me and i’ve used most of the techniques that I found out because of the EnCE realistic all through my “actual” evaluation.In summary, so that you can decide the right computer forensics certification i might study the following:1. Certifications that require a sensible.
2. Certifications that show mastery of an industry-fashionable tool or application.
3. Certifications that you see in process listings.
four. Certifications that allow or require you to use a forensics software with which you already have enjoy.The EnCase certified Examiner (EnCE) examination is a two component exam that consists of a written element and a practical. The practical is tough, however it assessments the simple computer forensic competencies that an examiner should have. The Forensic secrets e-book is a concise guide to passing the EnCE practical. it’s far in no way a mind unload of the exam however instead a compilation of the strategies which can be important to bypass the realistic portion of the examination.

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